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Jah’kota is an Afro-Indigenous artist, entrepreneur, and wealth coach. His father is from Kingston Jamaica and his mother is Nakota from Ocean Man First Nation, part of the the Treaty 4 boundary. He was born and raised in Winnipeg and now lives full time in the Očeti Šagowin territory known as the Saskatchewan prairies. 

Jah'kota has reached number one on the Indigenous music countdown for his song WOKE which the album was nominated for best rap hip hop album of the year for the Indigenous Music Awards. His track “Welcome to the Matriarch” was nominated for a Native American Music Award. 

Justin “Jahkota” Holness uses music as a way to amplify the message of self-determination and strives to empower the welfare of people and the planet. 

Outstanding Achievements

April, 2025

Diploma: Indigenous Business Administration
First Nation University Of Canada

Completed a Diploma of Indigenous Business Administration to compliment his passion for economic empowerment and to help the people in his community start businesses and leverage economic opportunities to grow their wealth. Justin believes through entrepreneurship people can achieve self-determination. 

December, 2023

Certificate: Indigenous Economic Development.

First Nation University Of Canada

Completed a Certificate of Indigenous Economic Development to compliment his passion for economically empowering his community to achieve self determination. Justin has been working and serving his community of Ocean Man First Nation over the last few years with their finance and economic development strategies. 

May, 2023

MC & Performance: Indigenomics By Design Conference

Vancouver, BC

It was a dream manifest for Justin "Jah'kota" Holness to collaborate with the Indigenomics by Design conference and be surrounded by leaders in the Indigenous economic landscape. Working alongside Carol Anne Hilton and her team was one of the most rewarding experiences of his professional career. LEARN MORE>

May, 2023

Youth Financial Literacy Workshop

Ocean Man First Nation

It has always been a goal to offer financial literacy and wealth coaching first, to his own community of Ocean Man First Nation before expanding and helping the broader community. Since then he has been coaching and mentoring the youth to learn how to manage their finances to empower their present and future. Justin emphasizes that he doesn't do anything he hasn't already been successful doing himself. LEARN MORE>

December, 2023

Very Prairie, Saskatchewan Music Summit

Regina, SK

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness was invited to participate as a panelist for the 2023 Very Prairie Saskatchewan Music Summit. He shared career advice and best practices that has helped him break into the music industry while making a positive impact in the industry. LEARN MORE>

August, 2023

MC & Performance: Master Indigenous Games

Ottawa, ON

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness has been collaborating with the Master Indigenous Games since June of 2018 where he was first invited as MC & Performer. He built a professional relationship with the staff based on good energy and integrity. He has been collaborating with their team ever since. LEARN MORE>

June, 2023

Wildling by Melody McArthur ft. Jah'kota

World Wide

Wildling by Melody McArthur featured Jah'kota was a collaboration that reached TOP 10 on the Indigenous Music Countdown. LEARN MORE>

January, 2022

Native American Music Awards


Justin "Jah'kota" Holness's song "Welcome To The Matriarch" was nominated in two categories; BEST RAP HIP HOP VIDEO & BEST LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEO at the 2022 Native American Music Awards. LEARN MORE>

June, 2021

Afro World Festival #LeadWithLove

Ottawa, ON (Virtual)

As a guest performer for the 2021 Afro World Festival highlighted a enthusiastic introduction by renowned artists Kardinal Offishall. Justin "Jah'kota" Holness shared a dialogue around empowering the black community that featured Balarama Holness. LEARN MORE>

June, 2021

SSIMA's (Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards)

Ottawa, ON (Virtual)

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness was nominated in the Social Voice category at the 2021 Summer Solstice Indigenous Music Awards. He also was invited as a host in part of their virtual segment that was streamed nationally. LEARN MORE>

Winter, 2021


Ottawa, ON (Virtual)

With this second podcast series Justin "Jah'kota" Holness wanted to amplify healthy relationships and share positive love stories. This podcast featured renowned couples; Crystle Lightning and RedCloud, Wab and Lisa Kinew, Waubgeshig and Lisa Rice, Karis and Max Thibault, and Bernice and Justin Clarke. LEARN MORE>

March, 2020

United Nations - SDG Summit

Ottawa, ON 

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness had the opportunity to perform for the United Nations SDG Summit in Ottawa. As he always does, he shared the opportunity to spotlight young rising stars and invited Hoop Dancer Mahkena Guerin to share the stage! LEARN MORE>

Winter, 2020


Ottawa, ON (Virtual)

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness always wanted to grow into the podcast space and was able to with the launch of his first series #NOBLUEPRINT. The goal of this podcast was to feature success stories to inspire the community that they can too, manifest their dreams. LEARN MORE>

December, 2019

Hoops For Reconciliation Basketball Tournament

Ottawa, ON

In collaboration with Leo Doyle, Justin "Jah'kota" Holness hosted his second Hoops 4 Reconciliation Basketball tournament to bring the community together to break stereotypes, encourage unity, health and wellness through culture and sport. LEARN MORE>

October, 2019

TR1BE Music - Profit Sharing Music Streaming Platform

Digital Platform, World Wide

Navigating the music industry and and learning how to make a living doing what you love has no blueprint. Justin "Jah'kota" Holness wanted to create a solution to some of the monetary barriers in the music industry. Working with youth and helping them break into the music industry Justin decided to launch the very first Indigenous owned, profit sharing, music streaming platform. LEARN MORE>

February, 2019

National Black Canadian Summit

Ottawa, ON

Justin "Jah'kota" Holness received a standing ovation after his performance at the National Black Canadian Summit where Michaëlle Jean was front row! LEARN MORE>

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